26th November 2013

Due to a bereavement and a continuing medical issue I am currently behind on my schedule. All rush orders will be honoured but other orders will experience some delays. I can only apologise for this and am working hard to try and catch up. As always if you have any concerns feel free to email me and discuss. 

28th December 2013

Some very major stuff has occurred in my personal life and I won't be around for a little while. I cannot divulge details sadly but will advise you all when I am returning. As always, any concerns - email me. I will be delayed answering emails and may be unable to for a few days, but I WILL get back to you. 

18th February 2014


As you may be aware, since November 2013 my health has been on the decline - initially it was due to recurrent severe issues regarding Bartholin Cysts which made it incredibly painful to sit for long periods and I was on heavy medication which made me drowsy and badly co-ordinated so I was unable to work as everything I was producing was much worse quality. I recovered from this issue late November/early Dec and in the end did not require surgery. Now however, my health is still dwindling however this time it is due to mental, not physical impairment. I am currently under the care of my local mental health team and trying to get through this with a combination of medication and therapy. I am very unwell right now and require supervision most of the time, I am finding it difficult to do basic tasks some days let alone work on fursuits to a suitable level of quality.

I AM still able to work but progress is very very slow at the moment due to the need for supervision (my work room is a tiny room and can only fit one person, some days I am able to work in the living room here but this is at most one day a week due to having small children here a lot of the week and due to family requiring use of the room). I fully intend to have everyones work completed to my usual standard, however it will be a much longer wait now - those who have paid rush order fees on items I will do my best to still uphold deadlines on these, if I feel I cannot I will refund the rush order portion of your order however we will need to discuss this privately as it may be over a period of a few months due to low income at this present time. I will NOT complete rush orders or push to a deadline if I feel doing so will affect my health more or the work would be below my usual standard. If I feel an item is unfit to leave I will hold it back and continue work on it until I am happy with the quality. 

I will not be taking on any more commissions until my health has improved significantly and/or my list is more than 80-90% complete. I am currently considering this list of commission work to be my last and from now on only to take projects one at a time, again this would only be after completing a significant portion of my commission queue.

As always, if anyone has concerns please EMAIL ME to discuss your case privately. My email address (if you have lost it) is hybridfursuits@googlemail.com

This message will be crossposted to twitter, facebook, tumblr and the website. I will not be emailing people individually at this time.

Hybrid Studios is a small fursuit building studio based in the South West of the United Kingdom. 

Hybrid Studios specializes in toony style suits due to their general appeal both with furries and the general public (plus they're so fun to make)

Last Updated: August 30th 2013



 Please note: Any quotes sent when status is closed will be declined, we will announce on our main page when we are open for costume quotes.
Any quotes sent to us prior to Closed status will be honored during the 30 day time frame provided with all quotes.

I am now OPEN FOR QUOTES - I will be taking on a limited number of commissions this round, this will depend upon the quote types I receive and the complexity of the characters requested. I will announce when slots close - slots will reopen after I finish the next THREE suits.

If you wish to request a quote, please go to http://www.hybridfursuits.com/requestaquote.htm

I WILL NOT BE TAKING ON SMALL ORDERS THIS ROUND. I will make a separate post when I reopen for these.
Shenson the Snow Leopard! 


Say hi to Argo! You can see more shots of this pony suit in the gallery!


Partial commission for Tapewolf of his Cubi character, Daryil!

Puppet Commissions are currently CLOSED


Meet Pippa! She's the first puppet created here at Hybrid Studios and was made for the Confuzzled 2013 Art Auction.

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  • "I am very pleased with the fullsuit I commissioned from Shirik. It is great quality and is a joy to wear. The digitigrade padding looks amazing and is really easy to put in and..."
    Alex B
    Neo Fox Fullsuit Owner
  • "Commissioned Shirik for a Partial Bunny Suit I absolutely love her, she's so comfy to wear and she is very well made. Worth every penny and more! :D"
  • "I got my Kraken D'Orca suit from Shirik who was very polite and provided impeccable service, the suit fits and feels great, even went out of her way to make sure I had it for Eu..."
    Kraken D'Waggin
    Partial Fursuit Customer

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